Friday, January 7, 2011

Spiralized Sweet Potatoes? YES!

You already know how I feel about sweet potatoes.  One thing I absolutely love to do with them is make baked sweet potato "fries," but the thing that stops me from making that more often is the difficulty of slicing the tough potatoes into thin fry shapes.

Not anymore.  The spiralizer has come to the rescue again!

Behold:  spiralized sweet potato.
This single sweet potato made so many curly fries, I honestly didn't think it would all fit on one huge baking sheet.  I had to change bowls mid-spiralize because half of this potato filled up my biggest bowl!

Isn't that just beautiful?  I tossed the spiralized sweet potatoes with olive oil, black pepper, salt and cinnamon:
Then I spread it all on a baking sheet and put in the oven at 385 F for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes, the entire downstairs was filled with the most delicious cinnamon-sweet potato scent, and hubby was not willing to wait for me to toss the half-baked fries and put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes.  So we just ate them as they were-soft and delicious (rather than "crispy").
I am in love with this easy, 5-ingredient, whole food recipe.  And now that I can spiralize the potato, there is nothing to stop me making it much more often.  I am only growing more and more thankful for my wonderous spiralizer!


  1. I have a spiralizer, i'm obsessed w/sweet potatoes....I need to do this asap!

  2. Oh wow!! Those look incredible! The spiralizer is a bit of a mystery to me. I'm intrigued and think I need one now. Are they expensive?

  3. ALL of that from one potato? OK, I'm with Michele: where do you get one of these magnificent 'must-have' kitchen tools? I'm off to Amazon to look for one right now, but if I need a specific one, please let me know and thanks for the info :)

  4. Kristina--You are ready to go! Let me know how you like it (or should I say LOVE it)! :)

    Michele and Ellen--the spiralizer I got was $30. They come cheaper (I think Bed Bath & Beyond has one for $10 or $15), but the one I got had very good reviews and I thought, I'd rather spend $30 once than $15 three or four times (if the cheaper ones break). I use it a lot more than many of my far more expensive kitchen tools, so don't tell the company but I would have paid a lot more! The one I got is in my Amazon store if you want to see the brand (the link is under my blogroll but above my disclaimer on the right).

    If any of you buy one and try the zucchini, yellow squash or sweet potato recipes, let me know how they go!

  5. Oh, and yes, that entire HUGE sheet was covered with the product of a single sweet potato.

    Spiralizer magic. ;)

  6. I bought a spiralizer based on your pics of the sweet potatoes. I'm excited to try it!

  7. You will not be disappointed--I use mine every single week. Be sure to check out how it worked with the squash/zucchini, too! (Ode to spiralizer post from last month). I can't tell you how much you can do with spiralized zucchini or yellow squash. It's just as versatile as pasta!

  8. Well, you've started a trend because I just linked over from your blog to buy one of these things, too (you've gotta get some credit since you're the one who introduced this to me) I meant to order it days ago but didn't. Now I have sweet potatoes waiting to be made and if all of these snowstorms quit wrecking havoc I should have it in 2 days!!

  9. I used it tonight - I'm in love. My hubby loved the sweet potato fries too. If you haven't seen it, I also bought an oil dispenser (on Amazon search for oil dispenser with measuring tube). It's an amazing kitchen tool as well! Loving your blog!!!

  10. Thank you so much! And I'm happy for you and your hubby that you'll be enjoying all veggies spiralied. :) Is the oil dispenser like the misto oil sprayer?

  11. The Misto just mists the olive oil onto things, right? This is like a beaker you'd use in science class with a big dropper in it that has markings to tell you when you've got 2 tsp's of oil. I'm loving being able to throw the oil into my yogurt without messing up a lot of teaspoons. I've heard some people know how many mists make up 2 teaspoons, but since I always put oil in my yogurt, it makes it quick and easy for me.

    I would love a Misto for use on my popcorn too, though!

  12. I found your blog via Chocolate Covered Katie and I have to say these look FABULOUS! I can't wait to give 'em a try. Move over zucchini "pasta," I've got a new use for my spiralizer!